Tweetboard at Epcot Food & Wine Festival

One of the new features this year at the Epcot Food & Wine Festival is the tweetboard. The tweetboard, which sits beside a brand new digital times board, features tweets that include #EpcotFW11.

The board, which updates every 30 min. – 1 hour, invites people to “Join the chat!” It appears the tweets are filtered somewhat – not all tweets were displayed and I saw the same tweets cycle through several times. If included on the user’s profile, a full name will be attached to the tweet instead of the Twitter handle. Also, the tweet board shows where the Twitter user is from.

While standing there admiring the new tweetboard, a “Disney Suit” walked up behind me. I took the opportunity to tell him I loved the tweetboard idea. He said he came over to Epcot today” just to check out this new thing” – he was very impressed.

When I asked him and other cast members about how the tweetboard worked, most were clueless. I actually had to educate one cast member about Twitter and hashtags. 🙂

I took a short video of the board to give you an idea of how it works. See below:




WDW 40th Anniversary and Using Plancast

On Thursday, Lindsay and I will head to Disney World to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Disney World and the Magic Kingdom. Our decision to head to the Happiest Place on Earth this weekend is primarily due to the CHEAP airfares we scored from Allegiant Air. A few months ago, I saw $29 tickets from Greensboro to Sanford. I’m sorry, but I can’t pass that up. So, after spending $120 total for airfare and $50 for the rental car, we started planning our trip.

Ain't it just the pertiest thang ya ever did saw?

We booked the trip with the expectation that Disney would announce some special celebrations for the 40th anniversary weekend. Up until last week, very little information had been released. I was checking my Twitter feed over the last few weeks searching for details about the weekend. Not until this week did we finally get some details about the anniversary celebration.

Some of the official events include: A character procession and guest singalong leading up to a special presentation on the Cinderella Castle stage at 10 a.m. on October 1st; special 40th anniversary cupcakes (um yum…); special one-day-only 40th T-shirts; special artist appearances; a special finale for Wishes at 9 p.m; and various meet-ups throughout Walt Disney World over the weekend.

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Google+ vs. Facebook: This Will Get Ugly

After a big week for social media, we stray from our Disney focus. It’s only a day… deep breaths.

Last week was big for the growing Facebook vs. Google+ war.

Google+ opened the floodgates on Tuesday by allowing anyone to sign up for their social network while Facebook launched a series of changes to the News Feed and forever changed the Profile.

Last week, Google+ also added search to its service and changed Hangouts by including the option to video chat from your mobile phone, make a public hangout into a broadcast, share a screen and create Google Docs. It was one of the biggest weeks for Google+ since beta was opened up. However, Facebook stole all the attention.

Facebook counter-punched Tuesday with a series of announcements. The changes, which began rolling out Tuesday night, are “designed to keep you updated on big announcements from your friends” even if you haven’t logged in for a few weeks. To do this, the “Top Stories” and “Most Recent” links on the top of your News Feed are replaced with a smarter feed that adjusts your feed based on the last time you logged on Facebook. If you check your Facebook every day, then your News Feed will be filled with recent updates. However, if you only log on once a week, you will see bigger announcements like engagements and baby announcements as opposed to “going to dinner.”

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More Interaction from @DisneyParks

On Tuesday night, Henry Work of TouringPlans alerted me to a tweet from @DisneyParks that included a few pictures from Aulani, the new DVC resort in Hawaii. As far as I can tell, this is the first time I have seen one of the people behind the official @DisneyParks Twitter curtain.

"Hanging out with Donald Duck at #Aulani /erin"

Here's a look inside the couples room at Laniwai Spa, #Aulani - enjoy your visit!

Both tweets were sent around 8 p.m. by “/erin.” Erin Glover, who is listed as Manager of Social Media and Print on the Disney Parks Blog, likely tweeted the two photos from Aulani.

One of the photos shows Erin “hanging” with Donald Duck and the other photo provides a look inside the couples room at Laniwai Spa at Aulani. The spa photo was a response to a tweet from @kharada46. So, not only did we get photos, we saw a response too!

We love to see interaction from the official Disney Twitter accounts, so we always try to highlight interaction when we see it. Again, thanks to Henry for the heads-up. If you ever see similar interactions on Twitter, let us know @TheSocialMouse.

“Trick or Meet-up” – How It All Went Down

By the time most people heard about the chance to sign-up for an exclusive “Trick or Meet-up” at Disney World on September 29th, the event was closed for registrations. Unless you were stalking the Disney Parks Blog early Tuesday morning, you likely missed out on the event. Here’s how it all went down:

On Tuesday, a big day for Disney Parks, the Disney Parks Blog also announced a “Trick or Meet-up” for the 40th anniversary weekend at Magic Kingdom.

From the Disney Parks Blog (posted around 10:30 a.m.): “Meet-up attendees will be treated to special tours of The Haunted Mansion attraction queue hosted by Walt Disney Imagineers as well as some unique experiences on The Haunted Mansion attraction itself.”

Those wanting to RSVP for the event were asked to send an e-mail to the Disney meet-up team with their name to generate an official request. The information was posted shortly after 10:30 a.m. EDT on Tuesday and the event was full by 11 a.m. Judging from comments made by the Disney Parks Blog team on Twitter, the response was “amazing” and it’s likely hundreds of RSVP requests were sent to Disney before the registration window was closed. On Tuesday afternoon, Disney posted the list of registered attendees for the event.

While I missed out on the event by only a few minutes, this event is still a huge win. I was disappointed I missed the cut, but I’m excited for those that got in and I look forward to seeing photos and comments about the event. These types of events are where Disney shows they “get it” and are committed to providing exclusive opportunities to blog readers and Twitter followers. It’s another reason why Disney gets recognition from outside the Disney community for their commitment and success with social media.

If you received an RSVP confirmation for this event and you’re interested in writing a guest column, please e-mail us at