@WaltDisneyWorld Interacting with Followers

In the past, we have discussed how Disney has interacted with a few followers on Twitter and used Direct Messages to respond to questions, but this week we’ve seen @WaltDisneyWorld interacting more than ever.

The responses I saw from Disney today showed a good bit of personality from @WaltDisneyWorld. One tweet included a response to a great point made by @AllDayAllMicah:

Some of the other responses included Disney telling a few followers “they” are excited to see them and even an answer to a question from a follower:

Now, this type interaction from Disney on Twitter is what most Disney fans have been yearning for over the past several months. I have been told that Disney “lawyers” most of the tweets sent out to the public. Whatever changes were made to the policy to allow this interaction was necessary and a great move by Disney.

What I would love to see is consistency from Disney. It seems like the interaction has been a bit sporadic. I would love to see Disney commit to communicating with followers on Twitter. I will keep an eye on it over the next few weeks.

With all that said, this certainly is a huge step in the right direction.


President Obama’s Visit to WDW

President Obama will be visiting the Magic Kingdom on January 19th to make an announcement about travel and tourism. Today, TouringPlans posted an FAQ provided to Cast Members related to the event. After reading through the FAQ, I couldn’t help but think about how Thursday will be a nightmare for Guest Relations.

Hall of Presidents/ Making of President Obama Audio-Animatronic

With so many people already at Disney World and likely “unplugged,” many will be surprised when they show up on Thursday and Main Street is closed. While I’m sure Disney is doing a good job of making resort guests aware of the changes for the Thursday, I can’t help but notice the lack of information about Thursday’s visit via Disney’s official Twitter accounts. I found more information about Thursday from TouringPlans.com and WDWMagic.com than anywhere else. I have not seen a single tweet about the President’s visit from @DisneyWorld or @DisneyParks.

Now, I do understand it’s likely that Disney has been told to keep its mouth shut about the upcoming event. However, I would hope that Disney has argued their guests are a priority and properly disseminating information is important to keep those guests happy.

This type of event is the perfect use for the underused @TodayatWDW account from Disney World. Disney could easily tweet information about Thursday’s schedule throughout the day and any changes to the posted schedule (we all know that the closing/opening times for Main Street and other sections of the park are likely to change).

I will be watching closely on Thursday to see how Disney handles this large event.