@24HoursinDisney: Touring via Twitter

Disney announced on New Year’s Eve that both Magic Kingdoms (Walt Disney World and Disneyland) will be staying open 24 hours on Leap Day (February 29th). While immediately I thought to myself “I must go!” – I quickly realized that a trip in late February and mid-March was not going to work. However, a friend of mine will basically let me attend the big day via Twitter.

John Cataldo (@OldRock935DJ) decided the opportunity to spend 24 hours in Magic Kingdom was too awesome of an opportunity to pass up.

“I’m always looking for a reason to make the trip south. This time, the reason smacked me right in my brain – “DUDE, YOU. MUST. DO. THIS,” John said in an e-mail to The Social Mouse. “My mind started swimming with the possibilities of what exactly I would do on a day where the park isn’t going to close – and on January 3rd, two days after Disney announced “One More Day In Disney,” my trip was booked.”

John said he has pretty big plans for his 24 hour Magic Kingdom experience.

“I’m going to ride every single attraction that is open. And then do it again. I’m going to sit at the end of that little alley just off Main Street U.S.A. down past the caricature guy and simply “soak it all in,” John said in a post at WDWDads.com. John added he plans to eat chocolate-covered frozen bananas for breakfast and Dole Whips until he can eat no more, shop at every store, watch every parade, see every character possible and ride TTA “endlessly.”

The decision to attend Leap day at Disney has a special meaning for John. In March 2007, he shattered his left leg in a horrific accident. The doctors told him they would have to amputate his leg, but John was able to convince them against it. After several surgeries and multiple rods, pins and screws, the doctors told him “that’s as good as it gets.”

“The real reason I’m going is to test myself. No, not to see how “hardcore” a Disney fan I am, but to literally test my body. I need to know if I’m back to being me. I need to know just how good is ‘as good as I’m going to get?’ and what more perfect place, than The Happiest Place On Earth?” said John.

Now, John has decided he will document every moment of his 24 hour experience. After getting his trip booked, he quickly set up the Twitter account @24HoursinDisney.

There, John plans to share pictures and tweets detailing his big day at the Magic Kingdom. He has also set up a 407 area code phone number that he will use as a “hotline” for people to call in tips – or to ring him at 2 a.m. just to make sure he’s awake! The hotline number will be tweeted from @24HoursinDisney at a later date.

Closer to Leap Day, we will post an update from John. We’ll also be following all the fun on February 29th. You can follow all of the fun at www.24hoursinDisney.com.

Are you going to be at Walt Disney World or Disneyland on February 29th? Do you have any special plans for the big night?