‘Mobile Magic’ app now includes mobile chat with Cast Members

Those still using ‘Mobile Magic‘ can now interact with Cast Members using a mobile chat feature that was added to the app this week.

According to Disney, in version 3.1.7, guests using the app while at Walt Disney World will “have the opportunity to pilot a new mobile chat feature and communicate with a Disney Cast Member daily from 10:00am to 7:00pm ET.”

Disney describes the mobile chat feature as a “pilot program.” I’m assuming if the feature is a success, this will eventually be added to the new My Disney Experience app.

This is type of guest interaction is exactly what I mentioned in a blog post earlier this week when I talked about the success ofย @DCAToday at Disney California Adventure. It should be interesting to see if this pilot program works and is a success for Disney.

Also this week, Disney updated the My Disney Experience to support the iPhone5, display park hours information up to 90 days out and increased the frequency of wait time updates.


One thought on “‘Mobile Magic’ app now includes mobile chat with Cast Members

  1. The subliminal messegas were epic. So many good fails and wins. kinda surprised that you were inspired by my video (although it seems you are inspired a lot by me) since I thought it was a piece of crap so good job on doing it […]

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