Take a ‘Google Field Trip’ to Disneyland thanks to Yesterland

Credit: Yesterland.com and Google

On Thursday, Google launched a new app for Android smartphones called Field Trip – an app that’s a mixture of hyper-local discovery and a city guidebook.

Field Trip grabs your location via cell tower, Wi-Fi or GPS and displays nearby points of interest including restaurants, parks, art shows and historical facts.

The app is designed for those touring and will act as a personal tour guide. It runs in the background and will notify you via push notification or audible sound when you’re close to a location with historical information. No click is required. If you have a headset or bluetooth connected, it can even read the info to you.

Yesterland, an incredible website that profiles discontinued Disneyland attractions, revealed on Thursday it was chosen by Google to provide historical data for Disneyland, Disney California Adventure and the Disneyland Hotel.

Credit: Yesterland.com and Google (Composite image: Hand and phone © Google; Tobacco Shop, Robert Demoss, 1987; Main Street, Werner Weiss, 2007.)

The composite image to the right shows Disneyland’s now defunct Tobacco Shop in front of a more recent view of Main Street. The composite photo is designed to show you the experience of using the Field Trip app while touring Disneyland.

“As Field Trip users walk through the Disneyland Resort, the app will pop up a card when they get near locations of “Yester” landmarks. Each card has one photo, a brief excerpt from the matching Yesterland article, and a link to the full article,” according to Yesterland.com.

The app is currently only available in the Google Play Store, however an iOS version is expected soon. You can sign-up here to be notified when the iOS version becomes available.

I’ll be visiting Walt Disney World this weekend and will be using the Field Trip app. Expect a review next week.


2 thoughts on “Take a ‘Google Field Trip’ to Disneyland thanks to Yesterland

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