The @DCAToday ‘experiment’ is a success – WDW next?

The @DCAToday experiment at Disney California Adventure has worked. Now many are wondering if Disney would bring a similar effort to Walt Disney World.

For those unfamiliar with what I’m talking about, @DCAToday is a Twitter account that launched back in June to coincide with the opening of the newly redesigned Disney California Adventure. The account lets guests interact, ask questions and even win prizes from @DCAToday.

@DCAToday gave out milkshakes the first 8 people to find them at Flo’s in Cars Land. The Social Mouse reader @guyselga was a winner (pictured top left)!

From Disney: “Just follow @DCAToday on Twitter or visit the DCA Today Facebook page on your mobile device while you’re at the park to receive tips and live updates and to ask questions. And these social media tools will help you keep up with what’s going on in the park, including Disney FASTPASS availability, upcoming show times, and character meet-and-greets.”

Since June, the Twitter account has sent out over 17,000 tweets and gained over 13,500 followers. The account averages about 100 tweets a day with most being replies to followers. The Facebook page also has over 12,000 likes. While the Facebook page is not nearly as active as the Twitter account, Disney still does a great job of posting photos taken in the park every day.

So after seeing the success of this effort at DCA, we ask if Disney would bring a similar effort to Walt Disney World?

Many companies still measure social media efforts like this based on ROI (return on investment). If this is how Disney is measuring the success of this effort, then sadly I doubt we’ll ever see it at Walt Disney World. However, I believe ROI is the wrong way to gauge the success on social media. I witnessed first hand someone waiting in line at Radiator Springs Racers while we were there in August mention @DCAToday and how they asked them a question and it was answered earlier in the day. In my opinion, this ‘experiment’ has worked. Word of mouth has also helped @DCAToday become more popular in the Disney community and for the normal park visitor.

@DCAToday – @mamachap27 Congratulations, champ!

My Take

I believe this effort would work at Walt Disney World as well. Wi-Fi will soon be available in all four major theme parks. I would love to see four Twitter accounts set-up (one for each of the four major theme parks). Disney could print this information on guide maps and also display it prominently in the My Disney Experience app. It would also be nice to see Disney work the Twitter accounts into the new apps.

I wouldn’t change how the Twitter account is managed – I think @DCAToday does a great job of answering questions and interacting with guests. Dedicating a team to staff this type of social interaction could prove incredibly successful for Disney. @DCAToday uses Radian6, one of the best social media monitoring products available right now. This product helps monitor mentions and location-based tweets. Walt Disney World could easily use the same product to interact with guests as they tour and tweet around Walt Disney World.

Your Take

Are you impressed with @DCAToday? Would you use a similar service at Walt Disney World during your next visit? If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular? Just making sure you were paying attention. 🙂