Disney using Tumblr to promote flying dragon, Disney photographers

Disney has been using Tumblr since early November to promote a new dragon that will fly over New Fantasyland sometime in the next couple months.

Back on November 14, the Disney Parks Blot introduced the new campaign by linking to the Tumblr blog. The grainy videos and photos teased what many Disney fans anticipated for the past few months.

The dragon, which is now confirmed to be coming to New Fantasyland, is the same dragon spotted flying over California back in June. Then, the dragon was rumored to be part of Avatarland. However, the dragon once airborne will be flying over parts of the Magic Kingdom.

Disney has done a great job promoting this, even posting to the blog multiple times a day.

This is not the only recent Tumblr blog launched by Disney and the Disney Parks Blog team. The Looking Glass is a new blog that features “amateur” Disney photographers.

As described by Disney: “Disney Parks as seen through the eyes of selected photographers from around the world.”

This is one of the best ideas I’ve seen from Disney in a while. There are so many talented Disney photographers that spend their time taking beautiful photos at the Disney parks around the globe. Why not feature these photos? I’m glad Disney found a way to give these photographers credit for their work and a way for Disney fans to discover these talented individuals.

While I’m not on Tumblr, Disney obviously sees potential in this growing platform. It will be interesting to see what other ways Disney uses Tumblr over the coming months.