How should Disney handle the ‘Andy’s coming!’ viral photo?

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A photo recently posted to Imgur and Reddit has gone viral, prompting many people to wonder if the claim made by the original poster is true.

In the photo, the original poster claims if you yell “Andy’s coming!” while meeting Woody and Jessie, the characters will “stop what they’re doing and drop.” The photo sparked a debate on reddit and

The photo has been viewed over 400,000 times.

A video posted to YouTube features an interview with a Cast Member who says they have ended the “Andy’s coming!” element of the meet and greet.

“It used to be that way. They did actually used to fall to the ground, but they did change the rules and they’re not allowed to fall to the ground anymore,” the Cast Member said. “They will actually stop sometimes, but the rule has changed.”  Note: The video is posted at the bottom of this post (jump to :50 in the video).

If this is the new policy, it will be interesting to see if Disney discusses this viral photo with Cast Members that work alongside the characters. Will Cast Members need to discourage guests who try to yell that Andy is coming?

Some posters insist you can still do this at the parks, but we’ve been unable to find proof that the “Andy’s coming!” line will actually still work.

It will be interesting to see how Disney (and Woody) handle this viral phenomenon.