Tom Staggs discusses MagicBands at All Things Digital conference

Bands-2-500x283Tom Staggs, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, showed off its new high-tech system at the 11th D: All Things Digital conference.

This is the most information we’ve seen released on the new MagicBands.

Staggs discussed the many possibilities that come with the MagicBands, including customized “Happy Birthday” messages for guests and interactive attractions.

The video is nearly 28 minutes long, but it’s worth a watch. LINK:

New things mentioned in this discussion about MagicBands:

  • “Snap ons like they used to put on Crocs” will be introduced for the MagicBand.
  • Guests will be able to order food at Be Our Guest Restaurant ahead of time. You order food online, arrive at restaurant, sit at table and they will begin making your food when they detect you inside the restaurant. Food is then brought to the table.
  • Bands can be resized by removing a rubber piece. Bands will then fit a child’s hand.
  • It appears there will be some type of Facebook integration connected to the MagicBands.

Disneyland launches official Instagram account

This month, Disneyland launched its official Instagram account.

Disneyland is the #1 most-Instagrammed location in the country, according to Disney. More than 8 million photos have been taken at Disneyland and posted online using the photo sharing app to date.

The account has posted 11 photos through May 23 and already has 41,000 followers. Wow.

@Disneyland will be showcasing both Disneyland and DCA Instagrams from guests, including the first-ever Instagram (posted on May 15).