Study: Disney ‘stomps’ Time Warner, NBC Universal in ‘social footprint’

UntitledsdDisney “stomps” its competition when it comes to social footprint and engagement, according to a study by Dachis Group.

According to a report from Forbes, Dachis has built a data platform that analyzes and evaluates social engagement. The research company can examine volume of content, impressions, interactions, and consumer enjoyment levels.

Dachis Group determined that Disney has the biggest reach among media networks in terms of unique individuals, interacting with 3,434,668 of them in September. The company also reportedly has the most “shareable” content of any of the networks studied, with almost 5.7 million shares in the period between September 1 and October 1, 2013.

According to the report:

“Football coverage from ESPN and ABC feeds the company’s social engine, and ESPN’s “Sportscenter” dominates conversations, enlisting more than a million users in just a month’s time. Dachis observed that Disney generates this interactivity by breaking sports news via official media accounts, and then having its pundits and personalities interact with those accounts as a part of the same conversation. For example, ESPN Stats & Info might break a piece of news, and then Paul Carr would join the discussion with his perspective on the announcement.”

CBS ranked second in the study, News Corp finished third and Time Warner ranked fourth.

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