Magic Kingdom to begin testing charging lockers on April 25

Disney will begin testing “charging lockers” at the Magic Kingdom on April 25.


Charging lockers at Disneyland were added in 2012. (Credit: TouringPlans)

Gary Buchanan, who works in PR and social media for Disney Parks, first reported the news on Sunday.

According to Buchanan, the charging lockers will be located in Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe and the Tomorrowland Light and Power Company.

To activate the charging locker, the guest will swipe their credit card, which acts as an ID for the locker. The door opens and several charger cables are located inside the locker.

Once charging is completed, the door glows green. To open the chamber, the guest will swipe their credit card.

Disneyland has had charging lockers for two years. Those lockers cost $2 per hour and $2 for each additional hour.

The service will be provided by BrightBox. Here’s a video showing the BrightBox charging stations being used in New York:


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