@DCAToday Twitter and Facebook accounts to merge with @DisneylandToday

e0f5432f74b503aa9251d0febf1a4aa7The DCAToday Twitter and Facebook accounts will merge with @DisneylandToday effective March 10.

“As of 3/10 follow us @DisneylandToday as we join forces & answer your Disneyland, DCA & now Downtown Disney & Hotel questions!” @DCAToday tweeted on Monday.

@DCAToday launched back in June 2012 and coincided with the opening of Cars Land.

Previously, the @DCAToday and @DisneylandToday accounts have been run independently, with each park tweeting park-specific photos and status updates.

@DCAToday also said the DCA Today and Disneyland Today Facebook pages will also merge.

As of 3/3, @DCAToday has 62,857 followers, @DisneylandToday has 101,629 followers, DCA Today Facebook has 37,288 likes and Disneyland Today Facebook has 55,901 likes.

My Take:

It’s a smart move by Disney to consolidate all of the tweets and photos into one voice/account. Most people think of “Disneyland” and not “Disneyland Park” and “Disney’s California Adventure Park.”


Disney announces 24-hour Memorial Day weekend event in ‘140 character’ tweet

tweetLAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — On Friday, Walt Disney World and Disneyland used 140 characters to announce another 24-hour Memorial Day weekend event.

Exactly 140 Disney characters gathered at Walt Disney World Resort to create the “Ultimate Tweet” to announce the bi-coastal, 24-hour all-night party. The announcement was made on Friday.

The all-night event will be held in Florida at Magic Kingdom Park and in California at Disneyland Park and Disney’s California Adventure Park.

The parks will stay open from 6 a.m. on Friday, May 23 until 6 a.m. on Saturday, May 24.

“Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto and 135 of their friends came together to trumpet the countdown to “Rock Your Disney Side: 24-Hours” this Memorial Day Weekend, the traditional start of the family travel season, when guests of Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Disneyland Resort in California can enjoy select parks for 24 hours nonstop,” Disney said in a news release.

The celebration will feature events showcasing the good-vs.-evil of classic Disney stories including character meet-and-greets throughout the parks, special entertainment, event merchandise, and food and beverage offerings.

The event is part of the “Disney Side” promotion at Disney Parks this year. A similar event was held in 2013. 

Kudos to StitchKingdom for reporting this on Thursday, a day before Disney made the official announcement.

Following success of @DCAToday, Disney launches @DisneylandToday

Following the success of @DCAToday, Disney officially launched @DisneylandToday on Tuesday.

The new Twitter account and Facebook page serve as “the official in-park Facebook page with live updates from the park and answers to your questions.”

In the past, we’ve written about the success of @DCAToday. It’s good to see Disney expanding this to Disneyland. The expansion does leave room for speculation that Disney could add this social media effort to Walt Disney World.

We can only hope!

Follow the fun @DisneylandToday and on Facebook.

@New_Fantasyland is not an official Disney Twitter account

I’ve seen several people referring to Disney’s newest Twitter account @New_Fantasyland over the past week. Well, as it turns out, this is NOT an official Disney Twitter account.

On @New_Fantasyland’s profile page, the account is listed as “The official Twitter feed for the Walt Disney World Resort.” This is inaccurate.

The account is not producing unique content, but rather sharing Disney Parks Blog articles and photos taken inside the parks.

As we approach the official opening of New Fantasyland, I would keep an eye on @DisneyParks.

Bottom line: nothing to see here. As you were. 🙂

Report: Disney the most engaging brand in social media

In an article posted on Monday, DigiDay named Disney the most engaging brand in social media.

The results come from an analysis done by Track Social, a company that offers social media analytics for smart marketing.

According to the article, Disney had 26.7 million interactions in one year to brand posts.

“The secret to Disney’s success in social media is that it places a tremendous emphasis on pictures that every American can feel nostalgic about. One example would be a photo of Cinderella walking down the master staircase in the palace on the way to meet her prince for the very first time.”

Disney was also listed as the #5 most engaging company on Twitter and #3 on Facebook.

On Twitter, Disney had 3.6 million interactions in the last year.

“Its posts are mainly photos that pull at followers’ heartstrings.”

On Facebook, Disney had just under 24 million interactions in August.

“Its posts consist mainly of pictures that pull at fans’ heart strings. The most popular Disney post in August was an image of Arielle and Eric from “The Little Mermaid,” holding hands in a canoe while Sebastian sings, “Kiss the Girl.” The result: 268,000 likes, 4,400 comments and 25,300 shares.”

Here’s the rest of the top 10 most engaging brands in social media:

#1 Disney
#2 Publix
#3 Bud Light
#4 Fox News
#5 Budweiser
#6 Harley-Davidson
#7  NBC Sports
#8 Huffington Post
#9 CouponCabin
#10 G4 Media